The Name of the Angel of The Lord


The following is not official doctrine of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Please pray before reading this article and ask for the Holy Spirit to be your guide. Please pray after to confirm any truth by that same Spirit. This article is the result of years of study, pondering, and prayer; as such, I highly recommend starting with the articles on the Seven Levels of Mankind, and then to read the articles on the Davidic Servant in turn (sidebar top to bottom.) 


So much of what I have learned and shared on this site reinforces itself; meaning, the subsequent layers of truth reinforce the former. This article is certainly the product of such reinforcement. Three years ago, while reading through angel names, the spirit about knocked me out of my chair when I read the name "Jahoel - chief of the order of Seraphim." I had begun my studies on the Davidic Servant and the spirit equated Jahoel to this man. I did some searching online at the time…